Inspiring Story of a Passionpreneur: Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu

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3 min readMay 30, 2021


A philanthropist, an active social worker, businessman, contemporary romance novelist, author, model, fitness freak, songwriter, and singer, Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu has led and excelled in all the fields he has stepped on. His achievements at the mere age of 23 have made many mouths speechless and amazed.

He is a fitness enthusiast who is inspiring the young generation to lead a fit and disciplined life, making him the CEO of Fitness Emperor and Ola Educonsult ( A firm ensuring the realization of students yearn to access education globally). He wants to lead by example and show the youth that fitness and health are fundamental to a person’s mental, spiritual, and financial growth, and he is surely doing so. He is a sports lover who has a passion for sports, international swimming, and weightlifting.

This award-winning author proved that his contemporary romance novels are bestsellers and gain a large audience. His novelties offer passion, hope, observation, research, and expression of his personal life which connects emotionally and hits straight to heart. He has traveled to more than ten countries to get the idea of love. To date, he has published ten novels; and was nominated as the best author of the year in the world of literature.

Even though he belonged to a royal family as a Prince of Southern Nigeria and had a social status, he worked hard and earned his own living. The efforts he has been making for the upliftment of society, education, and humanity, will affect a larger mass one day. His humanity has led him to walk on the path of education ensuring that everyone, whether belonging to an upper-class family or lower-class family will get an education. The goal of making this world a better place for the underprivileged and uplifting them has inspired and motivated him to continue his journey. His aim is not to achieve but to influence people.
His non-profit organization comes to the aid of students to procure international admissions, helping them out in monetary and procedural matters. His organization has aided many to accumulate exquisite scholarships throughout the globe and live their dream.

He is presently pursuing a degree in Computer Science & Engineering from a prestigious university in India. He is so absorbed by the Indian culture that he has worked for its social causes as well. His past experiences, good or bad, physical or emotional pain, and life lessons have made him who he is today. His dedication to assisting anyone needing his support exhibits his golden heart.

He has a good out reach on social media and bags a good number of listeners on Spotify. He recently launched his first Song: When You Left. Launched on spotify.

To follow him or to listen to his upcoming songs or podcast you can follow him. The links are mentioned below.



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